Football Tips: So You Want To Be A Premiership Footballer?

Whether it’s scoring a winning Cup Final goal, or hoisting the World Cup over your head, you’re not alone in dreaming of a career as a football pro. You’ll need hours of practice, a very strong physique, and a thick skin to cope with constant rejection. Still think the Premiership is for you?


Getting Your Name Out There

Whether you’re attending football trials, talent days or joining an academy, most clubs have a vast network of contacts and leads that help them scout out the best young footballers in any given area.

Even if there isn’t a visible presence, you’ll almost certainly find that scouts are operating at matches all over the country, and even getting involved with community projects and school programmes.

In all but the most rural locations, if you’re good, you’re going to get head hunted.


Dealing With Rejection

The Premiership league is one of the most saturated in sport when it comes to potential new players. Every club has an academy, and over 9,000 young boys are vying for the coveted positions that the Schools Of Excellence offer the most gifted players. More than 90% of recruits will receive the devastating news that they just aren’t good enough for a career at the top of the game.

Before you even think about walking the long road to football fame, you absolutely must harden yourself to constant rejection. It can’t be said enough: There are a lot of young potential stars out there, and very few places to be filled.

You’ll never be rewarded for trying out, and dealing with the reality that you aren’t quite good enough can be a very hard (and often life defining) pill to swallow.


What Are The Talent Scouts Looking For?

It may come as surprise to some, but most scouts aren’t looking for raw talent. You’re going to need it, and in spades, but the people in the know are looking for something else too. Character.

Scouts who have their eye on a special player will often want to get to know them (and their family) before making any important decisions, and a talent scout rarely cares about the football games they are watching. Putting the ball in the back of the net matters very little to someone with a very special set of criteria in mind.

Scouts are more interested in a player’s position on the pitch, and whether they’re prepared to give 200%. Not just for themselves, but for their teammates too.


Where Do I Go From Here?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to succeed, you’ve got to give yourself the best possible chance of being spotted. You’ll need to quickly rise to the top of your school and local teams, then rapidly move on to a county or district club.

At the very least, you’ll need to represent your school at a county level. You stand a far greater chance of being noticed if you’re playing away from your home town regularly. It’s also imperative to make sure you’re not stagnating at a local club that can’t challenge your progress.

A career in football is going to require a Herculean effort and a mountain of skill, but every year, the fortunate few go on to greatness.


Written by Harry Price

Harry Price is a successful entrepreneur and bachelor. He spends his free time playing competitive poker and football. He also has a passion for volunteering with his local homeless shelter.

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Special Feature: The World’s Greatest Sports Stadiums

The World’s Greatest Sports Stadiums

Sports fans are a mad bunch, some spend hundreds of thousands a year following their team all over the world. From football teams on a tour to the Far East, to American franchises flying from coast to coast, sport is booming business across the globe.

As a result we’ve put together a list of some the best sports stadiums in the world, be sure to experience the atmosphere of at least one of these incredible venues on your travels.


Yankee Stadium – The Bronx – New York

Steeped in history and with some of the most passionate fans in Baseball the New York Yankees are icons of the sport and it’s only right they have a stadium to match.

The New Yankee stadium first opened in 2009, replacing its predecessor which had stood tall since 1923. With a capacity of over 52,000 and at a construction cost of $1.6bn the stadium is testament to The New York Yankees standing as giants of the game.

To really make the most of your visit stay in The Crowne Plaza, Times Square Not only is it a short hop to the stadium but you’ll also be perfectly positioned in the heart of New York.



Soccer City – Johannesburg – South Africa

Having undergone a major redevelopment programme for the 2010 Soccer World Cup Soccer City is an easy addition to our list.

Tasked with hosting the both the opening ceremony and the first match of the World Cup the stadium shone in the spotlight of one of the most successful Soccer tournaments of all time.

With a capacity of 95,000 the stadium cost $440 million and today hosts South African league soccer, rugby and music concerts.

A visit to Soccer City is not to be missed, stay at the Holiday Inn Sandton and enjoy enviable views from the 9th floor Skye bar or simply relax in the cigar lounge with one of Cuba’s finest.

Soccer City


Madison Square Garden – New York

Home of Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, and even WWE Wrestling Madison square garden is a multi purpose venue situated in Midtown Manhattan.

A recent renovation costing $1.16 billion has ensured The Garden keeps its crown as one of the worlds most famous and frequently visited venues.

However with a maximum capacity of only 22,000 people seats for events are scarce and frequently reach into the thousands of dollars for the most popular shows, testament to the allure of this incredible venue.

Stay at The Marmara Manhattan and enjoy apartment facilities with the luxuries of a hotel suite.

Yankee Stadium


Sports City – Dubai

Currently under construction Dubai’s sports city is a behemoth, boasting four stadiums the centre piece of which is a 60,000 seater multi purpose venue capable of hosting Soccer, Cricket, Rugby, Athletics and music festivals.

Costing an estimated $4 billion and covering a total of 4,600,000m2 Sports City promises to be at the heart of Dubai’s sporting future.

Once the venue opens I recommend you stay at the Burj Al Arab. The grandest hotel in the world offers the ultimate in luxury including a private beach, chauffer driven Rolls Royce and the very best in gourmet dining.

Sports City


The Staples Centre – Los Angeles – California

Home to no less than four professional sports teams The Staples Centre in downtown Los Angeles is a haven for fans of Hockey and Basketball alike with the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers as well as WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks and the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings all calling the centre home.

With a maximum capacity of 21,000 and at a construction cost of $523 million, The Staples Centre is one of the most popular sports and music venues within the United States.

Stay at the Beverly Wilshire, a decadent Five Star hotel designed to make the most of your Los Angeles Holiday. Enjoy fine dining, a luxury spa or just relax in the comfort of your extravagant room.

Staples Centre


Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex – Oman

Situated in the Ghala district of Oman the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex makes the list due to its impressive list of facilities.

Renovated for the 2009 African Cup of Nations the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex has a capacity of 39,000 and is equipped with a Football pitch, Athletics Facilities, an Olympic sized swimming pool, Tennis Courts and Gymnasium.

For your holiday in Oman I recommend staying at Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort. This five star resort offers a private beach, infinity pool, luxury spa and lavishly appointed rooms.


Featured images:


About the Author:

Matt Coe is a sports travel enthusiast and head of marketing for Wanderforth, a tour operator specialising in luxury worldwide holidays.

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Special Feature: Sports Stars And Their Bling

The sports industry is massive, and where sports stars go their money tends to follow. Billions of dollars is spent each year by the world’s sporting superstars on everything from furniture to Fois Gras. Basketball, rugby, soccer and baseball stars all have one thing in common: luxury is the only way to go.

The sporting elite live in the world’s most desirable locations and drive the world’s most desirable automobiles, arguably living the world’s most desirable lifestyle. It’s common for these sporting sensations to be wearing designer clothes that are draped in modern jewellery, although antique watches are often found in Sydney and elsewhere.


The cars

Image by kelvinhu via flickr

Whether it’s David Beckham or Tiger Woods, one can expect a great deal of the successful sportsperson’s salary to be focused on his or her choice of car. Fast, exotic rides like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and even Aston Martins are very popular, with their beautiful looks and high performance allowing the driver to travel in style. Super-luxury cars are also a common choice for the modern sportsperson, as exclusivity is maintained while allowing the athlete to travel in utmost comfort.

More recently, sportspeople are choosing to modify their cars with a more Art Deco or Art Nouveau interior, adding customisability to the mix. Whether in Sydney or San Francisco, you’re bound to find a sports star driving a fancy car somewhere.


The house

If the rich and famous sports people of the world are renowned for one thing other than their sporting prowess, it’s likely to be their choice of home. It’s not unusual to see England’s premiership football players living in multi-million pound properties and the same goes for those competing in the USA’s NBA or NFL. Houses are often the most expensive thing people own and sports stars are no exception. However, while the average person might be contemplating a conservatory or bigger garden, it’s not hard to imagine a sports star thinking of dedicating a room to antique clocks or vintage jewellery.

When we visualise a sporting hero’s luxury pad, we tend to think of gigantic swimming pools, multi-car garages and bathrooms big enough to play baseball in. While this is hardly feasible for the normal person, successful sports stars can easily get paid millions of dollars a year. If anybody can afford to live with a collection of retro jewellery in an enormous house in somewhere exclusive such as Monaco or London’s prestigious West End, it’s the sports stars of the world.


The jewellery

Cars have to be left in car parks, and according to my travel guide you can’t take your house with you as you journey around. If you’re a sports star with an eight figure bank balance, how do you ensure you’re making a statement about your wealth wherever you are? Some people wear hugely expensive earrings, rings or maybe even a bracelet. The most common option, however, is to wear beautiful, classic time pieces that reflect personality and flair. Vintage watches and jewellery are especially fashionable in 2013, with March set to see people buying retro jewellery in record numbers.

Of all of the world’s watches, the ones that carry the biggest prices are made by hand in Switzerland: Breitling, Rolex and Patek Philippe are just three of the most famous luxury timepiece brand. One of the most attractive aspects of a vintage timepiece, like vintage engagement rings, is the story behind the item.

Vintage jewellery has a specific story behind it which can be discovered by the owner, transforming a special watch or piece of jewellery into a priceless one. It’s this exclusive and expensive appeal which draws sports stars in their thousands to luxury timepieces, and for Rolex watches in Sydney in particular.


Too much money!?

The lavish lifestyle of the world famous sportsperson is routinely criticised. Some people will always make the argument that, at the heart of all of this ‘bling’, there is an athlete desperate to show off. While this may or not be the case, the world’s sports stars do it in style.

Exotic supercars, Hollywood mansions and iconic watches are all weapons in the modern sports star’s arsenal in the hunt for sponsorship and branding deals, so maybe we can’t blame them after all. Either way, world famous sporting heroes are some of the richest people in the world and love or hate their excessive spending they’re not going anywhere soon!


Featured images:


This article was written by Misty Angel on behalf of Kalmar Antiques. Kalmar Antiques specialize in antique jewellery with a wide range of antique rolex watches and also many other well known brands. Misty is a cat lover and she loves to run and is also an avid watch collector herself.

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Special Feature: 5 Sports Figures You Should Know

With a career in sports, fame almost always follows provided that the athlete is playing at the highest level. Some of them are more familiar than others but it is important to remember those that have made their sport special. Here are the 5 sports figures which you should definitely know.


Leopoldo Larez Banorte

Leopoldo Larez Banorte is known as a soccer player and coach. He has made an impact on the pitch by using his skills and knowledge of the game to pass them along to newer generations.

Leopoldo Larez Banorte was a great player but he has become an even better coach with different useful methods of training which has developed some of the better newer players. Though he does not get the big name recognition that other players do, he is still regarded by those who play the game as one of the great minds in soccer.


Yelena Isinbayeva

Yelena Isinbayeva is a top athlete in the sport of pole vaulting. She was an Olympic gold medalist both in 2004 and 2008. Currently, she is the world record holder for the event. Pole vaulting is not the one sport that brings the most fame; however Isinbayeva is widely regarded as the single best female pole vaulter ever.

Her records include being the first woman to clear the 5 meter barrier and she holds the record of 5.06 meters which she set in 2009.


Doug Flutie

When it comes to college quarterbacks, very few have ever been as exciting as Boston College’s Doug Flutie. He is very well-known for his 1984 play which has been named the Hail Flutie which got the win for the Eagles over the Miami hurricanes.

Flutie went on to become a professional quarterback and though has since retired, he is still very active in helping the community. His foundation, the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation helps families with children with autism.

His foundation raised millions since it started in 1998.


Hicham El Guerrouj

There are very few runners who can attain the type of success that Hicham El Guerrouj did. He was in fact the first man ever to become the AAF Athlete of the Year for two consecutive years. The Moroccan won a total of four consecutive 1500 meter titles from 1997 to 2003.

El Guerrouj also won the gold at the Olympic Games in Athens on the 1500 meter race and also in the longer 5000 meter race, a feat not accomplished since 1924.


Sam Mikulak

Despite suffering an injury before the 2012 Olympic Games, Sam Mikulak was still given a spot in the US Olympic gymnastics team. It was no surprise as Mikulak who is still only 20 years old is the NCAA national champion. In 2011, he won the Men’s All Around and in 2012, finished in 3rd place.

Because of his appeal and incredible talent in gymnastics, he always draws a plethora of fans anywhere he performs. This is one of the athletes that will be known in future competitions in the United States and the world.


Dan is a sports blogger who loves to blog on sports, especially soccer, he has great respect for Leopoldo Larez Banorte who is a professional soccer game player and has a number of experiences in the soccer gaming world.


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