Football Advice: Important Tips for Footballers to Cope With the Game’s Hardships

You cannot become a professional football player unless you know the essential ingredients of staying in shape. Without proper guidance and exercises you might suffer a fatal injury during a game. It’s very important for you to know all the fundamental fitness exercises. You cannot expect to stay in a good condition without working out.


Warming up

If you are already a professional athlete, then you would obviously know the fact that warm ups are very essential before any game. Usually, during a match, a sportsperson has to move around often to chase the ball. Sometimes, you might find yourself standing and within a few seconds you would be running at a maximum speed to either defend your goal post or to making a goal.

There have been numerous cases, when a player has suffered innumerable injuries because of a poor warm up before indulging in this game. The football fitness exercises allow your muscles to expand and endure the next 90 minutes of excessive play. You cannot expect to excel without being in your best health.


Strength and Power

Strength basically means the energy to endure and execute shooting, dribbling, jumping, marking, tackling, balancing and shielding the football. Your power to play this sport can be tested with your ball shots, throws and headers. It is a known fact that you will need to build your strength for performing the best. However, you will need good technique for executing your power shots.

If you happen to speak to a professional, then you will find out that football fitness exercises play a major role in building the power and strength of a player. These workouts will allow your muscles to relax and enhance ability to perform better. Energy and presence of mind plays a big role in implementing proper sport techniques.


Food Factor

Proper diet plays one of the most important roles in a sportsperson’s life. Good food not only means having just proper meals. You will need to consume the food at proper time. Regularity is very indispensable, especially as far as your diet is concerned. You cannot afford to skip meals, as it will badly impact your body and soul.

It is better for you to visit a physician regularly, who has enough experience in dealing with sportsperson’s health issues and injuries. These specialists will be able to advice you on daily food habits and healthy beverages, which will eventually help you to build a robust body.



Many football players sink into depression and distress after suffering from injuries. If you are presently in such a situation, then it’s important for you to understand that injuries are inevitable part of football and it can happen to anybody at anytime. It is better to accept the injury rather than lamenting upon it.

You can consult a psychiatrist who can help you beat the stress. You can try going through various anti depression and stress programs, which will aid you in reviving your confidence and self esteem. You could also interact with all those who once played the game and suffered from similar kind of injury and stress. They will help you overcome your issues by giving you valuable tips.

Just like how warming up is good before the game, cooling down is equally important after every match. A light jog can be treated as one of the most efficient methods of cooling down and relaxing your muscles after a game of football. Performing some of the muscle stretching exercises will do well for your body.

Besides, keeping your body hydrated most of the time will help you stay focused.


Author’s Bio:

Devin loves to watch English Premier League football, and he has been rooting for Manchester United since his childhood days. He usually writes blogs on sports gear and various types of tailgating equipment.


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Nene: PSG star to join Pato in Brazil return?

Recent reports claim PSG’s Brazil international is set to return back to Brazil. This comes as a huge shock to many Paris St Germain fans as the dominant attacking midfielder has gained many admirers for his beautiful style of play.

A likely destination for the 31 year old is 4th placed Sao Paulo, who have money to spend following Lucas Moura’s big money move to the French moneybags: PSG.

Reports claim Nene will arrive for a fee in the region of 6.7 million Euros.



Nene confirmed his desire to leave the club when he quoted to a local reporter: “I love it here and have loved my time here but maybe my time us up.”

When asked about the possibility of returning to Brazil, he replied: “It would definitely be a serious consideration.”

After hearing of his availability, Turkish side Besiktas announced their interest only a day later! So could money or the chance of competing in Europe on last time tempt him over to Turkey? Or will he return home to Brazil?

According to Sky Sports News, Nene’s agent has today (3/1/13) announced he is in Brazil and in talks with a Brazilian club over the possible transfer.



I would first like to tell of my admiration for Nene and that i am a big fan of the Brazilian star. I think either option that he chooses will be a good one as the two clubs both have big positives.

Although, I think PSG is a great club who are growing rapidly and with an appearance in every game (excluding suspensions and injuries), so surely he is still wanted by the French giants?

To conclude my opinion, I think the best for Nene at this stage of his career would be to go wherever he feels he would ENJOY playing the most, with it most likely to be his last club, he needs to enjoy his final years as a footballer.


Written by Travis Comery

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AFCON 2013 Team Profile: Algeria

Welcome to the first of 16, 1 a day, team profiles for every team participating in AFCON 2013. Then a blog every night, which will be a match reviews(s), depending on how many games there are a night.



One of Africa’s 6 teams that participated in World Cup 2010, although they finished bottom of their group with Slovenia, England, USA. The highlight of their tournament was holding England to a 0-0 draw in South Africa, where – coincidentally- the African Cup of Nations 2013 will be held.



A tough group for Algeria with Ivory Coast, who have the likes of Yaya Toure, Didier Drogba and more. Tunisia have been one of Africa’s better nations though that reputation has been tarnished by their recent African Cup of Nations performances.

Togo, one of the nations with more unknown players but do a pose a threat with country legend, Emmanuel Adebayor.


Star Player: Sofiane Feghouli

One of the jewels ready to take centre stage in South Africa. At 22 year old, the young Valencia star will want to make people leaving this tournament remembering this fantastic player.

Earning respect from Emery and Pellegrino and interest from European Giants PSG. He said in an interview with Le Buteur, “Personally, I dream of reaching the final. I set objectives for myself, I am an ambitions person. People tell me: ‘on the pitch, you don’t leave any stone unturned and we like that! Keep up the good work!’ I have the sense of being appreciated.”

The PSG link is strong, with Nene the wrong side of 30, it would be of no surprise of this tournament depends on a move in the summer. Though already at one of Spain’s top sides, the mouthwatering prospect of moving to PSG will be too much for a young Sofiane Feghouli.

Whether or not Feghouli does live up to high expectations he has been given remains to be seen, but it’s certainly worth keeping a look out.


Written by Cain O’Bennett

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Check out his excellent blog on everything AFCON 2013,

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Joe Cole: Emotional Return to Boyhood Club

Sky Sports have recently confirmed Liverpool’s Joe Cole is on his way back to his childhood club; West Ham United, the creative wideman, whom has seen his career with Liverpool as one to forget.

Joe got off to the worst possible start at Liverpool when he saw a straight red card hovering above his head by referee Martin Atkinson on his first ever appearance for the Merseyside club.

The former England international then, with several injuries along the way, couldn’t find a place back in the team which forced a move to French giants Lille in a loan deal.

Now it’s officially confirmed that he will leave the Anfield for his beloved West Ham.



The departure rumours started as soon as the January transfer window opened, when Queens Park Rangers boss Harry Redknapp announced his interest in the former West Ham and Chelsea man. Although, this put Hammers manager Sam Allardyce on red alert, they are now favorites to capture the services of the 31 year old.

However, Liverpool accepted a £3.7 million pound bid yesterday from the Hammers rising to £4.5 million depending future appearances, although BBC Sport say the price is undisclosed.


My Opinion

Personally, I think Joe made an excellent decision in moving back home to London with West Ham. They are a growing club and Joe Cole will fit perfectly into their style of play.

I think it’s a good deal that suits both parties. Liverpool because he currently is an unwanted player, and West Ham because he would be an excellent addition to their side.

I think Big Sam snapped him off Liverpool for a bargain at under £5 million pounds. The lad still has quality as the saying goes ‘form is temperory, class is permanent.’

On the other hand, Joe’s performances on the pitch haven’t been top notch and need tweaking, but I think confidence and happiness are key in this situation.

To conclude my opinion, I think this move should be a successful one and even with him being 31, this could be a final chance to end his career in style.


Written by Travis Comery

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Alexandre Pato: Heading Out of Milan?

A huge shockwave was sent across the footballing globe when AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi released a statement which read: “The game against Atlanta will be his (Pato) last for us. He is moving back to Brazil. I feel sad, but it is his choice.”

Pato has everything going for him at Milan and I, as many football fans, are shocked with his expected departure. In the summer Alexandre was heavily linked with European champions Chelsea. This move could have boosted his career even further, but he chose to stay in Italy.

Corinthians are now expected to be well under way in contract negotiations with the Brazillian striker, with Milan confirming he is in Brazil discussing personal terms.

According to a local paper in Milan, Pato has had a big argument with a fellow player – could this be the reason on his prompt want-away? Another source of information states that his family back at home in Brazil are having problems and want him back. Rumours are everywhere but will one of these become true? Time will certainly tell.



Personally I feel something must have really gone off backstage with Alexandre because surely when you’re at the top of the mountain in European football you wouldn’t go back at obviously still a very young age (24). The former Internacional man is, according to Wikipedia (not the most reliable, I must say) a Corinthians player, which obviously adds to the speculation and rumours.

I feel that on a career perspective, Alexandre Pato should not have moved back to Brazil and even if it means moving to another big European club like Chelsea or Paris St Germain.

Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the progression of this intriguing rumour. On another note; to make matters worse for the Rossoneri, Pato’s Brazilian compatriot Robinho is expected to leave as well, with boyhood club Santos the likeliest of destinations.


Written by Travis Comery

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Theo Walcott: An Unclear Future

With his contract expiring at the end of the 2012/2013 season, Theo Walcott’s Arsenal future is clearly in jeopardy. Rumours say the pacey England international wants £100,000 pounds per week which is £25,000 more than his current contract with Arsenal Football Club.

The news of his possible availability has put a host of clubs including Chelsea, Manchester United and more recently Paris St Germain on high alert to obtain his services.



Personally I think Theo is a class act and has an enormous amount of potential, I also think with him recently scoring a brilliant hattrick in their remarkable 7-3 victory against Newcastle, his future lies at the Emirates.

On the other hand, Theo has clearly asked a lot from Arsenal who unlike Man City cannot afford to splash hundreds of thousands of pounds per week on their players. I think one of the main reasons why Theo is yet to sign the contract is because he wants to play in his preferred role as a centre forward in oppose to out wide, Arsene though, has spoken publicly, saying he likes Theo out wide, so could a clash of opinions with him and his boss come between him and his contract?

Only time will tell but a clear piece of evidence that Wenger knows what he is doing is that at the same age as Walcott is now (23) club legend Thierry Henry was converted from a winger to a striker, and he has gone on to score hundreds of goals for the club.

So surely if Theo uses his brain he will make the decision which is best for his future and not get side-tracked by the money involved or persuaded by the ‘better’ clubs like Man U or Chelsea.

To conclude my opinion; I think, for the benefit of his career, Theo should remain with the gunners.



Rumours on the Walcott topic have recently spammed local newspapers and transfer sites, with many confused football fans wondering whether Wenger may not want to run the risk of letting a £15 Million pounds player leave on a free, so will he be told a deadline to sign the dotted line?

Well, rumours suggest the 16th of January 2013 is his final deadline to make his decision, according to BBC Sport Football Gossip Theo has until the 16th to sign the offered 90k per week or he is placed on the clubs growing transfer list which includes; Tomas Rosicky, Sebastien Squillaci, Andrey Arshavin, Marouane Chamakh and Swiss international Johan Djourou.

What will he do? Will he go looking and find his desired £100k per week contract elsewhere or will he stay for maybe a cheaper deal?



To conclude my article, I feel the best for such a talented young player like Theo should be too stay put and sign the dotted line on the contract, this means he gets world-class training and management (as Wenger is known to give), and a good future in the game with a lot of game time with his status as one of Arsenal’s key players.

I also prefer him as a centre forward in oppose to a winger. I personally believe he will first demand that £100k per week contract, but may be willing to negotiate as I can’t see him leaving the Gooners.


Written by Travis Comery

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Will Hughes: Derby County’s Teenage Sensation

Will Hughes- the white haired 17 year old from Derby who’s taking the Championship by storm. Even though he is so young, this doesn’t stop him gaining first team opportunities – he has made 26 league appearances so far this season alone, scoring on two occasions and making the same amount of assists.

That’s not a surprise though, with his eye for a killer pass, his capability to find space with such ease and his mazy runs through the opposition to create space for his team mates.

Hughes has represented both the England u17 and England u21 squads with 7 appearances in total, scoring 1 goal. England u21 manager Stuart Pearce also had this to say about the teenage sensation:

”Will’s technically a very sound player and he played very well when he came on for his under- 21 debut at Blackpool a couple of weeks ago. He settled in well and was very comfortable on the ball at such a young age. He rarely gave the ball away in training or in the game, which is vitally important at international level.”

With managers like Stuart Pearce giving a player like Hughes such high plaudits it’s no surprise teams like Arsenal, Fulham and Liverpool have been linked with the 17 year old in January. Thus, Derby have reportedly placed a £4m price tag on the midfielder.

In November 2012, the teen sensation picked up the Football League Young Player of the Month award for his displays against Blackpool, Barnsley, Cardiff and Milwall. Hughes also picked up the Derby County Scholar of the Year for 2012.

When typing in ‘Will Hughes’ on Google  the second thing that comes up on the drop down part? Will Hughes Barcelona. If that doesn’t show the midfield magician has got a great future ahead of him, I don’t know what does.

Definitely, a potential world beater in the making. Worth keeping a watchful eye on.


Written by Alex Thornley

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Premier League Betting Preview: The First Top 5 Bets of 2013

And a happy new year to you, too.

Weary and bleary-eyed (and that’s just the players) we stumble into the fourth full Premier League matchday in the space of just ten days, and the first of 2013. Three points will be crucial in the eyes of many managers seeing as the Prem ratrace gets put to the back-burner after tomorrow till the middle of the month as the FA Cup and transfer window comes to the fore.

First off, Manchester United look the ideal bet to carry on their winning assault on the title at the DW Stadium today, and with Nemanja Vidic inching towards full fitness and instrumental in orchestrating a rare clean sheet for the league leaders against West Brom on Saturday, it may well be a profitable strategy to fall on the side of the Red Devils scoring unanswered in the second half of the season a lot more often than they did in the first half.

Wigan equipped themselves superbly in their dismantling of Aston Villa at the weekend, a result not foreseen by yours truly, but the Latics have struggled to score against the top teams at home this season whilst shipping them in at the other end, and today may be a similar story. Arsenal have rediscovered the joy of scoring as of recent, but look a tad short in the win market away to Southampton in the evening fixture.

A better option would be to stick with Theo Walcott to score anytime against the club where it all began for him. The England man has revelled in his new centre-forward of late, rounding off 2012 with a hat-trick against Newcastle, and may inflict further misery on his former employers who may get jaded late on following their gargantuan efforts at the Britannia Stadium last Saturday.

With Arsenal being just one of several odds-on shots in this midweek matchday, it is difficult to find value bets so a better strategy may well to be stick with the tried and tested. They don’t come more tried and tested than backing both teams to score in an Everton match, as anyone who reads this column regularly knows, and with the opponents being vulnerable Newcastle albeit at what will be a vociferous St. James’ Park, expect the bet to oblige yet again.

That match is the live televised fixture tomorrow evening, and simultaneously there will be another meeting of Mersey and North-East minds when Sunderland visit Liverpool. The Mackems are slowly and surely beginning to click into gear under the wile and guile of Martin O’Neill, and can at the very least avoid a heavy defeat at Anfield.

Manchester City got off the blocks quicker than Usain Bolt with a Visa credit card against Norwich on Saturday, with Edin Dzeko firing his side to a 2-0 lead inside less than five minutes. That scenario has been more anomaly than norm over the course of the season, and with a disciplined Stoke City side arriving at the Etihad this afternoon boosted by the return of key defenders Ryan Shawcross and Geoff Cameron from suspensions, City may well have to play their usual waiting game followed by a possible late show.



1) Manchester United to beat Wigan to nil 12/5 CORAL
2) Southampton vs. Arsenal Theo Walcott to score anytime 11/8 BETVICTOR
3) Newcastle vs. Everton Both teams to score 4/6 LADBROKES
4) Sunderland +1.5 Handicap to beat Liverpool 5/6 PINNACLEBET
5) Man City vs. Stoke 2nd Half Highest Scoring Half 6/5 WILLIAM HILL


Elsewhere, crisis club Aston Villa face a tough task in arresting the slide in the shape of a trip to the Liberty Stadium to play in-form Swansea today, while in the early fixture West Brom and Fulham fans can bask in the enjoyment of watching their respective clubs face each other whilst nursing a new year’s hangover.

A Bale-less Tottenham should still be good enough for three points when entertaining Reading today, and across the capital West Ham will be eager for the same amount from their battle with Norwich in order to ease the anxious looks over their shoulder towards the relegation zone of the table.

Lastly, there is a good old-fashioned West London derby tomorrow evening when Harry Redknapp takes his beleaguered Hoops to Stamford Bridge. It will be interesting to see whether Chelsea or QPR, two clubs expected to be very busy in the transfer market this month, have any new faces in tow in time for their clash. We shall see.


Written by Emelie Okeke

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