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Friday, August 12, 2011

Still Gunning For Glory

I remember the days, not so long ago, that not even a whisper of Arsene Wenger’s sacking would be mentioned. Arsenal fans had the upmost believe that Wenger was, and always will be, the right man for the job. Oh how things have changed.

It was towards the end of last season that Arsenal and their manager came under scrutiny. Following being knocked out of the FA Cup, the Champions League (in the ugliest of fashions) and losing the Carling Cup final to a horrific penalty area mix up in the space of just two weeks, pundits, journalists and even fans started to question Wenger’s place at the Club. And just to tip it all of, Arsenal somehow managed to throw away any chance of winning the Premier League, from an unbelievably promising position. Some fans, however, still showed their support for the manager. They still trusted Arsene. But even the most optimistic of Gooners are now looking in despair towards the Frenchman.

Many Arsenal supporters have been calling for change. A change of philosophy, a change to 4-4-2 and most importantly, a change in personnel. Us Gooners no longer want to see the likes of Almunia costing us games against mid table opposition, we no longer want to see Eboue giving away penalties in the final minutes of massive games. To be fair, Arsene looks to be trying to get rid of our lacklustre players, with reports that Almunia, Bendtner and Eboue are being shown the exit door. We also need a change in players coming in. Gervinho, to his credit, has been excellent so far this pre-season, but I just don’t see him making a massive difference. We need proven, world class players. Players like Benzema, like Mata. We also need that little bit of Premier League experience in the centre back position. I’d love to see either Samba or Cahill at The Emirates, or maybe even both. But none such a move has materialised yet. Of course there is still the major obstacle of keeping our best players. Cesc Fabregas, no matter what some people say, is the single player that carries Arsenal along. He can make an opportunity out of nothing and can turn defence in to attack in a split second. 

However, you have to face the reality. He is ‘torn between two loves’, Wenger says. Let me tell you now, his love for Barcelona is much deeper than his love for ours. It’s almost inevitable that our captain will play his trade for the Catalans this season. This means we need to look to the future... Who can fill his boots?

My first instinct tells me Aaron Ramsey. I solely believe that if he had not have broken his leg, he would be in Jack Wilshere’s position. Therefore, how amazing would it be to have another Jack playing alongside him? 

There we go then. Some fans think that Samir Nasri should take Cesc’s place. My respect for the ‘Little Prince’ has gone from sky high to absolutely none. I don’t even think this guy deserves to wear our kit. Send him to Manchester City, hopefully he’ll become as successful as the other ex Arsenal players there. Let’s imagine that Samir does move to City. Who will take over on that left wing? Gervinho is definitely adapted to playing in that position, and of course, we have the option of playing Andrei Arshavin there. 

But what I would like to see is Valencia’s prize asset Juan Mata coming in. it would allow a little squad rotation in the front three. We’d have the options of Mata, Chamakh, Van Persie, Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin and maybe even Vela or Chamberlain. In my opinion that’d be great. Players get better with competition for places.

Despite what many believe, I think Arsenal can still be title winners. Arsene Wenger just need to insure he makes the right steps to bring success back to the Club.

Written by Craig Player

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Goons_with_Guns said...

I wrote Gazadis and Kroenke yesterday (intentionally leaving out Wenger for obvious reasons you'll understand once you read it):


I appreciate the courtesy to take time to reply [this was in response to a previous rant].

Please be certain, however, that the boos heard 'round Ashburton Grove after the Red Bulls game will only continue if:

1. Replacements are not made based upon a heretofore invisible transfer budget. That is, prior to Fabregas and/or Nasri departing, the Board and Wenger has promised fans replacements before any of these players were/are to be sold.

2. Additional replacements are not made based upon the sale of Fabregas and/or Nasri.

Moreover, it is the opinion of many supporters like myself, that Arsene Wenger has had too much control at the club since Dein's departure: he simply cannot manage the team effectively AND also wear the hat of Director of Football as Dein had done. Furthermore, I might add that there is no accountability that he has had to an individual on a day-to-day level for Wenger, such as the role that he had had with Dein. A qualified person needs to be there to do so.

Ivan, our patience is up with the marketing spin of The Board and Wenger's recalcitrance to not change course of the last seven years. The supporters want trophies and you want profits. The profits of the club, however, will only diminish if the The Board does not change the course and actually serve the supporters with whom they rely.

Yours sincerely,

[Name withheld]"

I have yet to receive a reply, but I may once they conclude the transfer business.