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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Season Ahead, Very Little Decided

Hello All,

Right, first off I will introduce myself. My name is Thaddeus Torrez and I am a Gooner from the USA. Always been an Arsenal fan, and always will be. You can count on my opinion always being swung the way of Calloway road, you can have no doubt of that. Hopefully my views are insightful to you, or at least they make you think.

So I want to start off with the rumors that Gary Cahill could be on his way to the Emirates. Knowing that our weakness lies at the back so his signature would greatly improve morale around the club. That said, I believe the problem will not just magically be fixed because we sign a central defender. Most of the time solutions are not that easy in football. While Cahill will add depth and character to our defense, I would not be surprised to see Arsene favor Kos or Djourou near the beginning of the season if Cahill does arrive. He will not be used to type of football Arsenal play, so I would be anxious to see how he adapts if he does sign. That rumor will go on the back burner until something actually happens. Which will hopefully be by the end of the week.

I think the vital signing will come in the form of an attacking player though. You can see that Wenger rates his defenders highly, even though the fans do not. Our style of play does not allow big, physical defenders to come and perform for Arsenal. Defenders like Christopher Samba would be out of place in my opinion.  Big and lumbering, defenders like Samba look world class at a team like Blackburn, which normally operates best by parking the bus against clubs like Arsenal. Allowing Arsenal to hold possession but controlling the pace by not allowing the ball anywhere near the penalty area. Samba looks great defending set pieces, but imagine him trying to keep up with the pace of a team like Barcelona, scary. However, the idea of Samba coming forward in the attack like TV-5, or even the way Kos does, is even more frightening. Cahill has the abilities to fit into the squad with time, however I do not think Samba ever could. That is why a quality attacking player is so vital this summer.

It’s official now that Miyaichi has been granted a work permit, which is brilliant. He will add depth and flavor to an attacking front that became blunt at the end of last season. One more talent needs to come in for this summer to be successful though, a striker would be preferable. My preferred target would have to be someone that is confident enough to run at defenders, something we sometimes lack at Arsenal. I wish that could be Chamakh , but he has lost all of the spark we saw at the beginning of last season. While he was dangerous at the beginning of last term, all his form seemed to slip away after Christmas. I would feel very nervous about having him as the only backup to RVP, since Nick looks almost certain to move on. One more striker is needed.

Also, if Nasri or Fabregas leaves then Juan Mata MUST be bought. There is no doubt about that. Our midfield lacks that creative spark when Cesc is missing and Mata can provide that. Nasri is a problem for me. When I see him play I cannot deny his talent, his goals against Fulham or even Porto show that. I want Nasri to keep the Red and White on his back, however he is very replaceable. He’s a hit-man, that’s all. His technique on the ball is superb, and he has an eye for goal. All to often though he drifts in and out of games. The Barcelona champion’s league tie last year is a perfect example. The first leg he was good, getting an assist for Arshavin’s goal. However in the second leg, I am hard pressed to remember any kind of contribution from him. He simply did not show up to play that day. That’s why I would rather him being sold then Cesc. Give Mata one year to learn from Cesc, and then sell him.

The recent riots in London have done a lot to take my eye off football. Even though I do not live in London, I feel a part of that city due to the fact that I am an Arsenal fan. Hopefully this all gets resolved soon so we can focus on happy things like this coming season.

Well, that’s all from me today.



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ArsenalUSA said...


Spain is broke, Valencia is broke, Barca is borrowing money to meet payroll.

The provincial Gov't of Valencia is the guarantor of the loan that pays Mata's salary. As soon as Wenger puts the $23 million on the table, the provincial Gov't will force the club to get paid - "bring me ma money."