Saturday, April 9, 2011

Racism.... shameful

Few weeks ago, I was assigned a topic to write about for my essay. The topic that I was assigned to do was racism. Racism is a shemful and still-ongoing issue, that has caused controversy and conflicts, such as the long years of apartheid in South African and the fight for civil rights in America.

Why do we do this and still keep on doing this? Insulting and discriminating people based on their color and race, and not by their character and personality. Some companies and employers give people jobs by the basis of the color of this skin. Is this right?! Of course it isn't, what causes this issue is ignorance and a lack of education. Ignorant people who know nothing about someone's culture and background are likely to be racists and label them with heinous nicknames and such.

Racism isn like bullying someone, it causes psychological damage and causes people to doubt their own ethnicity. Now how sad is that? Making someone doubt who they are and where they came from.... racism is a damaging issue, but people who are racists don't realize that. The only way to stop this issue is education, education is the only way to stop this issue from getting worse. Education is powerful and influential and without it, we would be lost.

The reason I did this blog, was to provide a wake up call and something to think about before you insult someone or judge someone based on their race and color. People should be proud of their race and for who they are, and for where they come from.

This is an excellent article on racism.... I suggest you read it:

Stay strong and be proud,


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