Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How on Earth is Chamakh a flop?!!?!

Oh my God! Did I just read what I read? The great have just labeled Marouane Chamakh.... a flop? Huh? What?! Do they actually watch football? Do they actually watch the Premier League? After reading that.... I highly doubt it.

Fine ok, Chamakh isn't having the best of seasons and he looks a bit short of confidence, but he is one of the MAIN reasons why the Gunners are still fighting for the title. His performances in the first half of the season have been excellent and his scoring record of 7 goals and 4 assists in his first 12 games, justifies it, with an overall tally of 11 goals and 4 assists in 38 matches so far(many of those matches, Chamakh wasn't in the starting line-up). In my opinion, that is a respectable tally and since he also he came on a free, it was an acceptable transfer value. Why on Earth does a top website like make this ridiculous opinion that he's a flop?! There are certainly better candidates out there for flop of the season with a few examples like Milner and James Perch (who hasn't played a match since scoring an own goal in the beginning of the season). Chamakh has played more and done more than those two and many more in the Premier League and he doesn't deserve to be one of the flops of the season.

What do you fellow Gooners think? Do you agree or disagree with

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Cheers everyone and let's root for our team tomorrow,


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